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Synchronizes your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes information between Outlook, ACT!, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop and Google.
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    ACT! Software List > 123 Synchronizer for ACT! and Outlook
    123 Synchronizer for ACT! and Outlook lets you synchronize information between Microsoft Outlook and ACT! by Sage.

    123 Synchronizer for ACT! and Outlook

    123 Synchronizer is very powerful and flexible. If you need a simple and light weight solution, you may also have a look at our DesktopMirror for Outlook and ACT!.


    Main Features:
    • Synchronize ACT! with Outlook
      You can either synchronize manually or in the background, 123 Synchronizer will keep both your ACT! and Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and history in Sync.

    • Support of Exchange folders in Outlook
      Mount Exchange folders in Outlook and sync with those folder from 123 Sync.

    • Support of one-way updating or two-way full synchronization between ACT! and Outlook.
      Update, merge, or transfer contacts and their respective histories, todo's, calls, meetings, etc..

    • Background and Foreground Processing.
      Setup the software to run in the background without any user intervention.

    • Map User defined ACT! fields into Contact Fields and vice versa.
      Unlimited user fields mapping capabilities from ACT! to Contacts and back. Remember, read-only user defined fields cannot be mapped to be updated.

    • Synchronization of Notes/History to the Contact's Body Text

    • Secondary Contacts.
      Add all the secondary contacts to the Contact's Body Text for easy access and retrieval.

    What Data Can you bring over to Outlook/Exchange?

    • All your Standard and Custom ACT! Fields.

    • All Secondary Contact Data.

    • All Notes and History into the Contact's Body Text of the contacts.

    • All Group Membership into Contact Categories

    • ACT! Activities Colors/Types to Outlook Calendar/Tasks Categories

    • All Activity Ownership into the Contact Body Text.

    • Contact details, specific fields, history, notes and much more into the Calendar Body Text for easy retrieval and reference.

    • and much, much more...


    • Compatible with ACT! 2007, 2008, 2012, 2010 and 2012

    • Compatible with ACT! for Financial Professionals and ACT! for Real Estate

    • Compatible with ACT! for WEB (installed on the ACT! server)

    • Compatible with Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010-32 Bit

    • Compatible with Vista 32 AND 64

    • Compatible with XP 32 and 64

    • Compatible with ALL Windows 7 releases


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