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  • What is a conduit?

    A Palm Conduit is software plug-in that is responsible for synchronizing data from a Palm device to a host computer.

    Data synchronization is the exchange and transformation of data between two applications that maintain separate data stores. Applications share the data and the synchronization process keeps each application's copy of the data current and accurate. In addition to data synchroniztion, conduits are responsible for the installation of new Palm applications as well as backing up existing Palm databases.

  • What is the creator ID?

    A creator ID is applied by the Palm application to identify the database it used. One creator ID can only be linked to one conduit. HotSync manager will call the appropriate conduit when the synchronization is running.

  • Some well known conduits and their properties:

        * PD means Palm Desktop

    Description Creator ID File Name Data Directory Data File Name
    Address Book ( PD 4.1 or lower ) addr addrcn30.dll address address.dat
    Address Book ( PD 4.1.2 or above ) addr SgContactsCn.dll address address.dat
    Contacts ( PD 4.1.2 or above ) PAdd SgContactsCn.dll address address.dat
    Date Book ( PD 4.1 or lower ) date datcn20.dll datebook datebook.dat
    Date Book ( PD 4.1.2 or above ) date SgCalendarCn.dll datebook datebook.dat
    Calendar ( PD 4.1.2 or above ) PDat SgCalendarCn.dll datebook datebook.dat
    Todo List ( PD 4.1 or lower) todo todocn20.dll todo todo.dat
    Todo List ( PD 4.1.2 or above ) todo SgTasksCn.dll todo todo.dat
    Task ( PD 4.1.2 or above ) PTod SgTasksCn.dll todo todo.dat
    Memo Pad ( PD 4.1 or lower ) memo memcn30.dll memopad memopad.dat
    Memo Pad ( PD 4.1.2 or above ) memo SgMemosCn.dll memopad memopad.dat
    Memos ( PD 4.1.2 or above ) PMem SgMemosCn.dll memopad memopad.dat
    Note Pad (PD) npad notepad.dll notepad [None]
    Outlook Contacts ( PocketMirror ) addr AbMirror.dll [None] [None]
    Outlook Calender ( PocketMirror ) date DbMirror.dll [None] [None]
    Outlook Notes ( PocketMirror ) memo MpMirror.dll [None] [None]
    Outlook Tasks ( PocketMirror ) todo TdMirror.dll [None] [None]
    Outlook Contacts ( PocketMirror XT ) PAdd AbMirrorXT.dll [None] [None]
    Outlook Calender ( PocketMirror XT ) PDat DbMirrorXT.dll [None] [None]
    Outlook Notes ( PocketMirror XT ) PMem MpMirrorXT.dll [None] [None]
    Outlook Tasks ( PocketMirror XT ) PTod TdMirrorXT.dll [None] [None]
    Mail Conduit mail msgcn30.dll mail [None]

    If you want to know information about other conduits, or if you want to share your experience with other users, please send mail to

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