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    Home > Products > ExpressMirror Help Online
    What does ExpressMirror do?

    ExpressMirror software synchronizes Contact information between Palm Desktop and Outlook Express address book (also known as Windows Address Book or WAB).

    How to use ExpressMirror

    ExpressMirror is very simple to use. Generally it just takes three steps to do the Contacts synchronization.
  • Step 1: Choose the synchronization mode

    ExpressMirror supports three sync modes, Palm Desktop overwrites Outlook Express, Outlook Express overwrites Palm Desktop and Synchronize ( remind you when conflicts found ). You need to choose one mode before the Contacts synchronization.

  • Step 2: Select the Contact information that you want to synchronize

    All Palm Desktop and Outlook Express Contacts information are listed in the tables on the software window. Before the synchronization, you need to choose the information that you want to synchronize. To select the information, please check the checkboxes before the record rows in the table.

  • Step 3: Synchronize the information

    Now you may synchronize your information by pressing the "Start Now" button.
  • More FAQs

  • Why the contact information is rendered in different colors?

    You may noticed that the contact records are rendered in different colors in the table. When ExpressMirror software loads the contact information from Palm Desktop and Outlook Express, it compares the content of the contacts. If the information is completely different, they will be treated as "New" records, which will be rendered in green. If part of the contact information is identical, they will be treated as "Modified" records and will be rendered in blue. For the identical contact information, they are rendered in black.

    You may customize the colors or disable this feature in the software option settings.

  • What more options does ExpressMirror support?

    In the ExpressMirror option settings window, you may set many options of ExpressMirror.

    For Palm Desktop contact information, you may swap the first name and last name fields. You may use custom fields mapping to synchronize more record fields in Outlook Express contacts which are not supported by Palm Desktop contacts.

    You may synchronize the default Outlook Express address book or synchronize a specific Windows address book file (*.wab).

    You may choose to synchronize the contacts that have Email information only.

    You may also choose the record fields information that was shown in the contact information table.

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