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    Home > Products > GG-CSV Converter
    GG-CSV Converter lets you convert information between Google and CSV (comma separated value) files.

    GG-CSV Converter works with Google Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar information. You may convert these information to CSV files or convert information from CSV files to Google.

    GG-CSV Converter screenshot


    Detail Descriptions:

    CSV file is the most widely used data importing / exporting file in the world. By using GG-CSV Converter, you may easily integrate Google Apps with your own custom CRM or information management solution.

    If you need to import/export information between Google and some widely used apps, for example: Outlook, Lotus Notes, Sage ACT!, etc. You may check out our direct sync/migration software:
    • DesktopMirror software: Sync information between ACT!, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail Contacts, Google Calendar, Palm Desktop, etc.

    • InfoMigrator software: Information migration software for ACT!, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google, Palm Desktop, etc.

    Although Google Apps already has some CSV export/import ability. GG-CSV Converter is much more powerful and flexible than the built-in functions.

    Advanced Features in GG-CSV Converter:

    • GG-CSV Converter works not only on Google Contacts, but also on Google Calendar.

    • GG-CSV Converter has a step-by-step wizard interface to let you convert information simply.

    • GG-CSV Converter supports more than 50 fields in the information conversion.

    • GG-CSV Converter supports custom fields, which means you may insert information defined by yourself in the conversion.

    • When converting Google to CSV, you may choose to create new CSV file or append the information to existed files.

    • When converting CSV files to Google, GG-CSV Converter has duplicates checking mechanism to avoid generating duplicate information after the conversion.

    • And much more...

    For how to use GG-CSV Converter, please visit the online help pages.

    GG-CSV Converter only costs you $16.95 and we have the 30-day money back guarantee.

    Download File Details:

    File Name
    Last Update Feb. 8th, 2014
    File Size 1,215 KB


    System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2008

  • Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or above.

  • See Also:

  • OL-CSV Converter - Convert information between Microsoft Outlook and CSV files.

  • ACT-CSV Converter - Convert information between ACT! by Sage and CSV files.

  • LN-CSV Converter - Convert information between Lotus Notes and CSV files.

  • PD-CSV Converter - Convert information between Palm Desktop and CSV files.

  • Ordering:

    Trial version of GG-CSV Converter is fully functional but the free trial usage period is 10 days.

    You can order the fully licensed version of GG-CSV Converter over the Internet with any major credit card.

    It only costs you $16.95 and we have the 30-day money back guarantee.

    Click here to purchase the full licensed version of GG-CSV Converter.


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