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    Home > Products > InfoMirror Toolkit 2.0
    InfoMirror Toolkit has been superceded by DesktopMirror Suite. Which lets you synchronize information between Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!, Google and Palm Desktop.

    DesktopMirror Suite is an all-in-one software package that lets you synchronize Contact, Calendar, Task and Notes information between Outlook, Google, Lotus Notes, Sage ACT! and Palm Desktop.

    There are 10 components in this all-in-one DesktopMirror Suite package: If you are only interested in sync between parts of these applications. You may just download and purchase the exact component above.

    Benefits to register DesktopMirror Suite:

    Only $49.95 to get the 10 synchronization software together. And the upgrade between any versions of DesktopMirror Suite is always free.


    DesktopMirror Suite Screenshot:

    DesktopMirror Suite Screenshot

    DesktopMirror Suite Components Details:

    DesktopMirror Suite
    All-in-One Packge
    Outlook Sync Palm Desktop Sync Google Sync Lotus Notes Sync ACT! Sync
    Outlook Sync Outlook Sync Outlook Sync Palm Desktop Outlook Sync Google Outlook Sync Lotus Notes Outlook Sync ACT!
    Palm Desktop Sync Palm Desktop Sync Outlook Palm Desktop Sync Palm Desktop Sync Google Palm Desktop Sync Lotus Notes Palm Desktop Sync ACT!
    Google Sync Google Sync Outlook Google Sync Palm Desktop Google Sync Google Sync Lotus Notes Google Sync ACT!
    Lotus Notes Sync Lotus Notes Sync Outlook Lotus Notes Sync Palm Desktop Lotus Notes Sync Google Lotus Notes Sync Lotus Notes Sync ACT!
    ACT! Sync ACT! Sync Outlook ACT! Sync Palm Desktop ACT! Sync Google ACT! Sync Lotus Notes ACT! Sync

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