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    Home > Products > BatchUpdater for Lotus Notes

    How to Use BatchUpdater for Lotus Notes > Update Tasks in Batch Mode

    If you choose to update Task information in Lotus Notes, you may see the following screens:

    Specify the Task fields to update

    In this screen, you may choose which fields should be updated.

    At first, the field list is empty. You need to click the "Add" button to add one or more field updating definitions.

    After clicking the "Add" button, you will see the following dialog box poped up:

    You will see that all writable field in the Lotus Notes Task records are listed in the box. You may select one of them and specify how to update the field.

    There are five types of fields:

    • String Field:
      For the string field, the update options are:
      (1)Set the field value
      (2)Append some text to the end of the field
      (3)Insert some text to the specific position of the field
      (4)Replace some text with other text in the field

    • Integer Field:
      For the integer field, you may specify integer value on this field

    • Date/Time Field:
      For the Date/Time field, you may specify date/time value on this field

    • Boolean Field:
      For the boolean field, you may specify "True(Yes)" or "False(No)" value on this field

    • Enumeration Field:
      The enumeration field means an integer value field which only allows several values. You may set one of these values to this field.
    After you confirm the field update options, click the "OK" button to close the dialog box. You will see that the option is added to the field update definition list.

    Choose Todo records to update

    After you set the field update options, you may press the "Next" button to move to next step. And you may see the following screen:

    All Lotus Notes Task records are listed in the table, you may select the records which should be updated with the options as you set before.

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