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    DesktopMirror Suite

      Only $49.95

    DesktopMirror Suite

    Synchronize Palm Desktop, ACT!, Lotus Notes, Google Calendar and Google Contacts with Microsoft Outlook.

    DesktopMirror Suite is an all-in-one software package including the following synchronization components: In the future, more synchronization models will be added and DesktopMirror Suite offers life time free upgrade.


    Outlook Duplicates Cleaner

      Only $16.95

    Outlook Duplicates Cleaner

    Outlook Duplicates Cleaner lets you remove duplicate Outlook information quickly and smartly.

    Outlook Duplicates Cleaner provides a wizard interface lets you delete duplicate information step by step. It is easy to use and very powerful. You may define your own duplicate checking criteria.

    Actually Outlook Duplicates Cleaner lets you delete not only duplicate Outlook items, but also any redundent information you don't need. For more information, please visit Outlook Duplicates Cleaner Online Help.


    OL-CSV Converter

      Only $26.95

    OL-CSV Converter

    OL-CSV Converter lets you convert information between Microsoft Outlook and CSV (comma seperated value) files.

    OL-CSV Converter works with Outlook Contacts, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Tasks and Outlook Notes information. You may convert these information to CSV files or convert information from CSV files to Outlook.

    CSV is the most widely used format in the world to import/export information in various software. By converting information between Outlook and CSV, you may easily convert or migrate information between Outlook and other software applications.


    BatchUpdater for Outlook

      Only $26.95

    BatchUpdater for Outlook

    BatchUpdater for Outlook lets you update or modify multiple Outlook items in batch mode.

    Sometimes you may need to modify many Outlook Contacts, Calendar or Tasks items in similar mode. For example, modify the Company Name information in many Outlook Contacts items, modify the Address information in many Outlook Contacts items, modify the subject or time information in many Outlook Appointments or Meeting items.

    If you do all this tasks manually, it is not convenient and easy to make mistakes. With BatchUpdater, you can do these tasks in step by step mode easily and avoid the mistakes.

    For more information on how to use BatchUpdater, please visit BatchUpdate for Outlook Online Help.


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