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Software for Palm Desktop

Palm Desktop Outlook Sync

DesktopMirror for Outlook and Palm Desktop - Sync Outlook with Palm Desktop

Remove Duplicates in Palm Desktop

PD Duplicates Cleaner - Delete duplicate Contacts, Calendar events, Tasks and Memos in Palm Desktop

Lotus Notes Palm Desktop Sync

DesktopMirror for Lotus Notes and Palm Desktop - Sync Lotus Notes with Palm Desktop

Palm Desktop ACT! Sync

DesktopMirror for Palm Desktop and ACT! - Sync Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos between Sage ACT! and Palm Desktop

Google Palm Desktop Sync

DesktopMirror for Google and Palm Desktop - Sync Contacts and Calendar between Palm Desktop and Google account

Palm Desktop CSV Conversion

PD-CSV Converter - Data conversion between Palm Desktop Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos and CSV files.

Modify Palm Desktop Data in Batch

BatchUpdater for Palm Desktop - Modify multiple Palm Desktop Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memo records in batch.

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PD Duplicates Cleaner Tutorial

The PD Duplicates Cleaner program is used to delete the duplicate Palm Desktop data.

PD Duplicates Cleaner works with the four Palm Desktop PIM ( Personal Information Management ) application: Contacts ( Address Book ), Calendar ( Date Book ), Task ( Todo List ) and Memos ( Memo Pad ).

You may view all the records in the application's data table. You may also view the duplicate records only.

PD Duplicates Cleaner is more powerful and flexible than the Palm Desktop Delete Duplicates add-in. You may customize the duplicate criteria by yourself in the program option dialog box.

  • Contacts duplicate criteria:

    First Name, Last Name, Email, Business Phone, Home Phone, Business Address, Home Address, Notes, etc.

  • Calendar duplicate criteria:

    Description, Start Time, End Time, All Day Event, Repeat Information, Notes, etc.

  • Task duplicate criteria:

    Description, Priority, Due Date, Notes, etc.

  • Memos duplicate criteria:

    Subject, Notes, etc.


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