ShareXport is used to share & export Palm desktop data between multiple Palm users.

If your family or workmates are using the same Palm Desktop, ShareXport would be a handy tool for you.

ShareXport is used to share data of one users with others. Sometimes, you may want to share contacts or appointments within a group of people with their Palm devices, with ShareXport, you can export one user's data to others with simple clicks! That means it is not necesarrily to enter the contacts/appointments for each of them. Only three steps are involved:

  • Enter the data for one user.
  • Use ShareXport to export data to others.
  • HotSync!

    Then everyone may get the same data on both the Palm Desktop and their Palm devices.

    And the upgrade of ShareXport is always free!

    System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Palm Desktop: Version 3.5 or higher. ( Ver 4.1.2 for Tungsten T3 is not supported )

    How to use ShareXport

    ShareXport is very easy to use.

    On the application's main window, you may find a users list on the left, with one current user is selected. And the Palm data is listed on four sheets, for the four Palm desktop applications: Address Book, Date Book, To Do List, and the Memo Pad.

    You may be very familiar with these common Palm applications, in the list, each set of data for these applications is displayed in the list view, with one record one line format. There is also a check box for each record of data. If you want to export the record, just check the checkbox for that record. You may select one or more records and choose the users you want to share the data. After you have finished the selections, just press the [Export] button, all the data will be post to the selected users.

    For more information, please visit ShareXport Online Help.