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    How to Sync Google Contacts and Calendar with Windows Mobile Phones



    Google Windows Mobile Sync

    Windows Mobile

    Google Sync is a way to integrate Google's web-based services -- like Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts -- with the built-in or native email, calendar, or contacts applications that come with many mobile devices.

    Google Sync with Windows Mobile phones with the built-in Exchange ActiveSync feature on Windows Mobile phones.

    For the detail steps on how to sync, please visit official Google Sync for Windows Mobile guide:

      Mail, Calendar & Contacts Sync: Setting Up Your Windows Mobile Phone for Google Sync

    There is an alternative way to synchronize Google and Windows Mobile Phones if you already have synchronization with Outlook or you want to sync Windows Mobile Phones with both Outlook and Google:

    Our DesktopMirror for Outlook and Google can synchronize all or specific information between Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Outlook. It is very easy to use and have many advanced features. Please visit the product information page for details.

    See Also:

  • Official Google Contacts Site.

  • Official Google Calendar Site.

  • DesktopMirror family - Sync Outlook, Google, Palm Desktop, ACT! and Lotus Notes

    DesktopMirror Suite
    All-in-One Packge
    Outlook Sync Palm Desktop Sync Google Sync Lotus Notes Sync ACT! Sync
    Outlook Sync Outlook Sync Outlook Sync Palm Desktop Outlook Sync Google Outlook Sync Lotus Notes Outlook Sync ACT!
    Palm Desktop Sync Palm Desktop Sync Outlook Palm Desktop Sync Palm Desktop Sync Google Palm Desktop Sync Lotus Notes Palm Desktop Sync ACT!
    Google Sync Google Sync Outlook Google Sync Palm Desktop Google Sync Google Sync Lotus Notes Google Sync ACT!
    Lotus Notes Sync Lotus Notes Sync Outlook Lotus Notes Sync Palm Desktop Lotus Notes Sync Google Lotus Notes Sync Lotus Notes Sync ACT!
    ACT! Sync ACT! Sync Outlook ACT! Sync Palm Desktop ACT! Sync Google ACT! Sync Lotus Notes ACT! Sync

  • Other Google Mobile Sync information:



    Google iPhone/iPad Sync

    iPhone / iPad
    Google Android Sync

    Google BlackBerry Sync

    Google Symbian Sync

    Google Windows Mobile Sync

    Windows Mobile
    Google Palm/Treo Sync

    Palm / Treo

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