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    Home > Products > SyncEase 1.2

    SyncEase is superceded by our newly released software PD-SyncKit, a three-in-one software package including Conduit Buddy, CustomSync and Log Buddy.

    By this software package, you may install/uninstall Palm Desktop conduits, customize HotSync settings and view HotSync log easily.

    SyncEase is a handy tool that working with Palm HotSync Manager as a partner.

    Its purpose is to customize HotSync options, including Conduit configuration, Palm Desktop user management, HotSync task schedule and other jobs in a friendly user interface.

    System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
  • Palm Desktop: Version 3.5 or higher, with HotSync Manager installed.

    How to use SyncEase

    When SyncEase launched, its window minimized at first, with an icon stayed at the system tray. You can simple click the icon to activate the application window, or use the right mouse button click the icon to get a shortcut menu, and then select appropriated functions.

    By default, SyncEase will be launched after the system's start up.

  • Conduit Management
    Conduit is used to transfer data between the desktop PC and the Palm PC. This utility can help you enable/disable the conduits installed on your desktop PC with one mouse click! You can invoke this utility by clicking the [Conduit Management] button. You can also customize the conduits' behavior just like what you did on the HotSync Manager's custom dialogs.

  • User Management
    Sometimes multiple users will use a single desktop PC to do the HotSync job, so SyncEase provide this utilities to manage the users on the Palm Desktop. You can add users, remove users or rename users in this utility. Of course, you can create profiles for different settings in this utility

  • Schedule HotSync Tasks
    SyncEase can help you to schedule your HotSync task. You can setup a schedule to do the HotSync every day or every several days. Then if it is time to do the scheduled HotSync, SyncEase will remind you to begin the HotSync task you planed before. The HotSync time should be concerned carefully.

  • Register SyncEase
    The freely downloaded version is an unregistered copy of this software and use of this program should be on a temporary basis( 30 days max ). If you want to use it normally after the time limit, you need to register it.

  • What's new in version 1.2.1 (2003/02/05)
  • Add popup menu in conduit management to make conduit customization more easily.

  • Add [Do Nothing] to HotSync schedule.


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